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November 20, 2020

How to Legally Change Your Name

The process of how to legally change your name is a complicated process that requires a lot of planning. When you are considering changing your legal name, you should consider all the options available. You must also take into consideration your current name and any other names you may have used in the past such as nicknames or maiden names. After considering all the options you will be better prepared to make the final decision.

How to Legally Change Your Name?

If you decide to change your legal name, there are several steps you need to follow. First, you must fill out an application for a new legal name form. This application is usually filed in county court and is used to prove the change of name will not cause undue hardship on you and your family.

Next, you must fill out a petition to change your legal name, an order for a change of name, and a certificate of a legal change of name. These forms should be filed with your county court clerk and be accompanied by your required filing fees. You can download these forms from the courthouse website. Once these forms are submitted to the court, they will review your petition and determine if there are valid reasons why you need to change the legal name on your birth certificate. If you do have valid reasons to change the name of your birth certificate, the clerk will give you a certificate stating the reason why you requested the name change.

How To Legally Change Your Last Name?

Once your request has been approved and the new name has been given, you can then submit the necessary documents to the county recorder’s office where you received the original birth certificate. These documents will include the application for a new birth certificate, copies of other important papers, and your petition for a change of name.

Once you have received approval for your petition and all your paperwork, the county recorder will give you a certificate stating the legal name you requested. Make sure you keep this document when applying for a new job, applying for loans, or purchasing real estate. In addition to this certificate, you will receive a notice from the county recorder informing you of the date by which your name will change. take effect in your case.

How Much Does It Cost To Legally Change Your Name?

If you decide to have your legal name changed after you apply for a loan, be aware that some lenders require this name change in addition to the loan amount. In some cases, you may be asked to pay an administrative fee in order to obtain this name change. Also if you already have another lender and want to switch lenders, you will have to pay a retainer fee that will have to be paid before your lender gives you the opportunity to apply for any loans.

Lastly, before changing your legal name there is one final step you need to take before you can begin to apply to the county recorder’s office to change the name on your birth certificate. You must call your current lender and ask them to add your last name to your account. In most cases, the change will be made automatically on the same day you call. Be sure to let your lender know the name you want to have on your account since this is often the only way they can be reached during the entire process.

How To Legally Change Your Name In California?

Once you have the paperwork completed and you have the county recorder’s office to go to, you are ready to apply to your lender. Be sure to ask them if you can get any financial assistance to help with your application.

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